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Hotel Los Heroes


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Hotel Los Heroes, Costa Rica Lodging

With the building (1989) of a genuine Swiss cow stable we did not only introduce a new dairy farming in Costa Rica but also, and without proposing it, the first step to transform this unique spot into a real little Swiss Corner in Costa Rica. In the meantime we built a Hotel / Restaurant, a second Cow Stable, a little Chapel, an Apartment Housing and a small bus station. Finally, we obtained in Switzerland the full material to build a Railroad in our area. So we started with the train station behind the Hotel, fixed the tracks over more than two miles and of course we did not miss to provide the railroad with bridges and tunnels. At the end of the tracking we constructed an underground station, a fast-food restaurant with terrace and on the top of the building the Rondorama REVOLVING RESTAURANT. The Hotel Los Heroes (1991) is symbolizing a real Swiss Chalet and with it we tried to put two cultures under one roof. At the same time, it combines two historical moments: 700 years of the foundation of Switzerland and 100 years of Costa Rican Democracy. The front paintings of Arnold von Winkelried (1386) and Juan Santamaria (1856) represent part of those historical events and shall recall us there heroic battles.

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