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Shrimp Hole, Costa Rica Restaurant

The Shrimp Hole - small and casual restaurant with a sunny deck, situated only a short walk from the beautiful beach of Tamarindo in Costa Rica and on the way to Langosta. Established in 2014 by a young, food loving couple, who grew up in Europe and travelled the world before opening their dream restaurant in Tamarindo. This tiny, tropical, thirteen seater, 'hole in the wall' restaurant, beneath an yang yang tree serves a simple but mouth watering menu: Only the freshest, sustainably farmed Costa Rican shrimp, sourced directly from fish markets in Puntarenas, served in delicious, handcrafted sauces that are made fresh, from scratch, every day. We also have a delicious Bahn Mi Sandwich as our famous Lunch Special. We serve our juicy shrimps with steamed rice and a selection of fresh salads. You can also enjoy a variety of home made lemonades. ... It's the ideal after surf spot to kick back and relax after catching a few of Tamarindo's famous waves. You can grab your food to go and stroll down to the beach to watch the waves or sit on our sunny deck, watch the world go by, and experience the best outdoor seafood dining in the relaxed atmosphere of Tamarindo. We make every effort to be as sustainable as possible, using only the best, locally sourced Costa Rican ingredients in our kitchen.

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